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Tasty recipes for Cava cocktails...

Sparkling wine, Cava and Champagne cocktails for Christmas festivities, birthday celebrations, and any special occasion - or just for a cool summer drink on a sunny terrace

Try these cool Cava cocktail recipes to add a bit of fizz to your festivities

  • One part Limoncello (that scrumptious Italian lemon liqueur) to three parts Cava. Decorate with half slice of lemon, half slice of lime

  • Add one part Aperol (an Italian aperitif) to two parts Cava. Garnish with orange slice

  • Blend quarter of peach with splash of peach liqueur and dash of peach bitters. Pour into glass, add Cava, garnish with slice of peach or peach ball

  • Shot of vodka, shot of raspberry liqueur. Add squeeze of lime, then Cava

  • Half-shot of gin, half shot of passion fruit juice, top up with Cava

  • Add raspberry liqueur to Cava and a few fresh raspberries to garnish

  • Cava with wedge of lime and sprig of coriander added, squeezed to release juices

  • Add strawberry liqueur to Cava with a thin slice of or whole fresh strawberry

  • Soak some sultanas in brandy, drop two or three into glass of Cava

  • Add a splash or two of blackcurrant liqueur to Cava

  • Soak a sugar cube in Angostura bitters, place in glass and add Cava

  • Add orange juice to Cava to taste. A touch of orange liqueur is an option

  • A mix of Pimms and Cava to your taste

  • Dash of Port, dash of cognac, Cava

  • Bramble bomber – vodka, bramble liqueur, Cava. Float borage flower on top

  • Mix Cava with pomegranate juice and garnish with pomegranate seeds

  • One part Peach Schnapps to three parts Cava

  • Port and Cava – delicious – one third port to two thirds Cava

  • Martini (red or white vermouth) one third, to Cava two thirds.

If you like sparkling wine as it comes, just float a delicate blue borage flower on the top or drape a flamboyant orange or red nasturtium over the glass edge.


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